Excess and greatness of Artificial Apple Smartphone

Excess and greatness of Artificial Apple Smartphone - As for the processor itself Apple is using Dual Core 1.4 GHz. For those of you who do not know the quality of Apple definitely think that the processor is no different with Dual Core processors on other smartphones. Well you know that the origin of the Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe never joke, especially for the size of the Smartphone Dual Core with a very expensive price. Performance Dual Core or the flyer that Apple is actually more powerful than smartphones dul Core and Quad Core that has been circulating in the market. This is what distinguishes Apple with other vendors. Even for a Quad core processor performance yet that rival the iPhone 6's.

In terms of RAM Lenovo Vibe C has been using DDR3 RAM with a capacity of 1 GB so that the performance of the phone will work more optimally than other Smartphone RAM. So what if the iPhone 6 is used to play games HD? calm, very light. PowerVR GX6450 GPU graphics cards incorporating the above hardware device capable of running all games HD Seara smoothly / without lag. Well selin field of the Apple hardware also brings considerable special software device, which Apple has used iOS 8 which can be upgraded to the latest version today, namely iOS 9. With the iOS of course we can download a lot of applications in the Apple Store with a graphics quality best.

As Smartphone with a very high capability, the Apple iPhone 5s also heralds a quality camera and not arbitrary. Although the flyer still camera 8 MP Smartphone like other vendors, but the Apple again shows the quality comparison besutannya Smartphone's. Apple itself has equipped the iPhone 6 is the iSight camera technology. With the provision of 8 MP with 1.5 micron and aperture reaches f / 2.2 camera iphone 6 is capable of producing a very clear picture quality with a very large pixels. Well behind the Apple telahmembenamkan side Dual LED Flash, so its ability to shoot objects in the dark better.

Not only that, the ability to record from the Xiaomi Redmi 3X has also been very good. Time-lapse video Fiturdari able to make video recordings of up to 30 minutes with a very high quality. As for the front camera Apple has been supplying 1.2 MP on the front side. The front camera also has an aperture of F / 2.2 that shot so much better, even capable of capturing light up to 81%. Besides the capability of recording is also HD 720p.

iPhone 6 have indeed become one of the mainstays Smartphone Apple for memguasai market. So no wonder if Apple already supports Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro 4G LTE network. Network speed is even up to 150 Mbps and is already supported by more than 20 countries. With this network you can access the internet very quickly. Downloading activities, uploud and streamingan very smoothly.