Completeness Apple Smartphone Features

Completeness Apple Smartphone Features - As a smartphone with a very high capacity, the iPhone 6 Plus has an established quality YNG which is used on the side of the screen Rwetina HD span reaches 4.7 inches. Technology type display uses Apple's own party already LED-backlit IPS panel with a resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels visualization capabilities are very high, contrast, and color pixels generated sharper with a wider viewing angle.

Layer disposed on the side of the screen itself consists of four layers that make this smart phone is really very special. On the Lenovo A7000 side of the first layer with a backlight which is followed by a layer of IPS Display, then Polaris and the final layer so that Apple uses protected screen glass. In addition, with a view to secure the screen is secured with Apple also makes use of the protection of the screen as Ion-strengthened glass and oleophobic coating.

Although the iPhone 6 is not as light as Samsung Galaxy C5 were first released, but there is one thing that can beat the iPhone 5's in addition to the waste and camera. IPhone 6 This is especially cool design increasingly tis, like iPhone 5s has a thickness of 7.6, the iPhone 6 has a slenderness crazier, which is only 6.9 mm thick. Although the design is carried out thinner, but the weight of the iPhone 6 is demonstrably quite heavy, which is 129 grams.

Measuring Apple iPhone 7 This unit has a length of 138 mm and a width of 67 mm. Now it is very paslah size and materials of the iPhone itself already contains premium material materials such as anodized aluminum, stainless steel, glass and Cyrstal Saphire to protect the camera. This smartphone includes a 3 color options Space Gray, Silver and Gold.

If you know what the phone as hard as these questions we can only answer the extraordinarily resilient. Unlike quad core smartphone that has been circulating in the market freely. Apple's smartphone is different from other Samartphone even class suppliers Samsung or Sony. Xiaomi Mi Max use their own device to mendaptkan better performance.

Aplle party has indeed presented the second generation of its chipset with a 64 bit Apple A8. This chipset is very difficult when the processor 20 namoter performance that more resilient and also able to save more than 50% of the previous have chips, chips A7 which is used on the Samsung Galaxy C7. Now the second generation chipset is used by Apple to get the maximum performance out of the iPhone 6.