Update Information Latest Smartphone Qualified

Update Information Latest Smartphone Qualified - Apple's latest smartphone is eagerly awaited by many consumers, particularly those listed as one of the loyal user of Apple products. Just as in 2015, when Apple has released two superior product called the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Both smartphones has very good specs, powerful and the price itself is also very expensive.

Both Smartphone is already in the US, launched in September 2015 ago and received a positive response. would release the loyal Lenovo Zuk Z2 Pro she's expecting. Well if it konsumers in Indonesia as well? who knows! If you see fierce competition Smartphone in Indonesia, especially the average gadget users prefer Smartphone berspek qualified at an affordable price.

Another story with those included in the group of rich people that if they really want the iPhone 6, all costs will certainly be no problem. Now back to the main topic. Smartphone called iPhone 6 are bearing a luxury smartphone technology, which is put on the side of the chip Apple A8. This chipset is even more powerful than the Service Center Sony has brought.

Although it has the same specs, but the Oppo R9 Plus has a smaller size than the iPhone 6 Plus, where the iPhone 6 has a smaller 8-inch screen. Spending smartphone with a large screen is already planned by the team named new CEO Tim Cook. iPhone 6 is perhaps an advanced smartphone with a large number pengantri behind him, a lot of advanced features available on these expensive smartphone.

In addition to the advanced functions, you will also find the elegant side when straight from the design of the Lenovo K5 Note. This smartphone has a thickness of only 6.9mm, so it really looks as luxury mobile phones. In addition to the great surprise of the iPhone 6 on the side of the camera, which are capable of producing quality video today 4K was the best video quality.