Specifications and Price Samsung Galaxy J3

Specifications and Price Samsung Galaxy J3 - Integrated Intel Atom processor quad-core 1 GHz. Improving two components above, this Android tablet is also the amount of RAM 1 GB of media that can be used multitasking users fairly good performance. While the stages of the rope, to ringkus special events of any particular award Samsung Galaxy J3 cameras tend duo minimalist S3 is a 3 MP camera and 1.3 MP resolution, although the Mini but still remains kegunaaanonal.

Not only in the area Xiaomi Redmi 3 is also provided in a position that is not the same as kegunaaan support full connectivity in the mobile phone business, and non-cellular. View the profile of the above features, this tablet is very great is not it. Well to learn from this tablet more attention to the value of feedback on the specifications and price segments Evercoss Tab S3 aka Winners lower.

The usual sort for the first segment we will review this award Meizu MX6 specialized in look and appearance. Aimed at the low-end segment, certainly, we can not expect more than this tablet screen image. However, the overall look of the latest tablet from local producers still seem great with minimalist but elegant style. Known as the modern tablet, winner Evercoss Tab S3 has a fairly compact size.

With a curved display that is based on both sides, so membikinnya continues to enjoy a touch on a long, even in the long term. Land casing rather Predictive and solid carbonate polymer composition. To pitch, tablet Evercoss S3 winner Tab has a 7-inch screen. Screens used in Oppo F1 is a type of TFT LCD Touchscreen Cappacitive with a resolution of 1200 x 600 pixels (WSVGA) and the density of the display is limited to 138 ppi.

To a large 7-inch screen, the resolution of standard passable, so Lenovo K4 Note screen image S3 Evercoss winner will be less sharp visual details on the screen. But fortunately, Evercoss has released its last tablet with a screen value Protection System provided by secreen Glass Hardware. Finally, the absolute selling point of this tablet is a mobile tablet that supports LTE 4G connectivity.