Prices and Specifications Advan Star 6

Prices and Specifications Advan Star 6 - Same sort of high series Y3 Plus, today focuses on product segments remained Evercoss beginner class device passes this new device. Despite the fact that the share of the same market, but today Evercoss T3 award is a step below Advan Star 6 Not only that, if the parameter is a specification value.
The presence of two new products at the same time also means stocks dip Lenovo Vibe X3 LTE technology. Despite the uneven distribution network, but today there is little competing vendors release a 4G LTE technology savvy, classified as T3 works from local producers Evercoss winner. Although the plot is located in the segment in the series of high-Y3 Not only that, but no better routine Evercoss winner T3 device only has a specific surface.
As one of the opening presentation for the brand 4G generation device Huawei Nexus 6P only series winner introduce high-speed internet as its main strength. Yup, that's right. This device proved to lead the 4G LTE data network technology that provides the entrance to the Internet super fast and stable. Not only the presence of the 4G LTE network offers some sort of tantalizing data.
The Asus Zenfone Zoom ZX550 is also equipped with a specific valuable in other sectors. On the screen, the device is equipped with capacitive IPS LCD display type that has a size of 4 inches. Although the standard size, but wear a type of screen Evercoss T3 winner was clearly superior devices that remained on the type of TFT screen. Meanwhile, in order to ensure optimal performance for users.
Advan Vandroid S50F MT6735M MediaTek chipset combines a powerful quad-core processor at 1 GHz and supported by 1 GB of RAM and Mali 400 MP2 GPU. Although the value of the device in the engine room T3 Evercoss winner is the component class for beginners, but its presence has been able memberbagi menjanapabilan performance now. Not only that, the last device of Evercoss also supported by two SIM card slots that will facilitate communication users.