Advantages and Disadvantages Advan Vandroid S5E

Advantages and Disadvantages Advan Vandroid S5E - Long time no hear people say, I stayed gadget lovers routed through the new product. More recently, Vivo made a smart phone products already long enough. About two months ago, he released a series of Advan S5E and newest Vivo Vivo Y27L. The third China-made smartphone vendors placed in the entry-level segment with the choice of specification are certainly interesting.

Well, this time, we will have a new product BlackBerry Q20 series is scheduled to be presented for discussion in conjunction with the X6 series Vivo Also in late December 2015. The presence of two units of X-Series smartphone Vivo confirmed that I live now I began to dare to put awards burning luxury segments. The proof, I currently live X6 is equipped with external and internal characteristics, such as high-end devices more intelligent.

Especially for the smartphone market share Harga Hp Acer in Indonesia, a relatively new name Vivo. But slowly but surely, Vivo will have a capacity in the league in the country increasingly fierce market gadget. With the presence of the latest series of smartphones X6 Vivo, a company of Negri bamboo curtain looked brand Vivo very greatly improve the level of Chinese local market. As mentioned briefly at the beginning of the previous, this time directed the premium class smartphone users Vivo.

This is reflected in detail about the specific Motorola Moto X Style leads bring quality hardware or software. At first glance, when viewed from the outside seem to persist smartphone physical design and materials typical premium smartphone Vivo. Additionally, Vivo X6 is equipped with a Super AMOLED screen type as staunch a visual aid. This type of display is guaranteed to deliver the best visual experience for the user.

Not only for visual telephone, which is also supported by the smart composition class hardware in the engine room. Samsung Galaxy On7 a reliability test of the machine is the use Octa-core processor speed of 1.7 GHz as a data processor. Then, to improve performance, Vivo is menandemkan processor with a storage capacity of 4 GB of RAM.

RAM capacity of LG Class is one of the largest in its class. So friends do not doubt his ability. Meanwhile, line drawing, has not spared by the touch of quality of life. The main camera is used as a powerful main camera 13 MP. As for the front camera uses a powerful 8 MP camera.